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Sponsored LinksPay-Per-Click Ad Management– aka “The Sponsored Links,” or the results on the top and right side of Google and other search engines.

With OmniAFX, not only do you get first page placement on search engines, but you also get to work with a Google Adwords Qualified Individual with years of experience helping website owners drive more traffic to their website through Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook!

Are you sick and tired of paying for advertising in the phonebook, on the radio, in direct mail, andTV without knowing how your ads perform and the true value of what you are paying for? Let’s face it, while those can be effective, where you need to be is where your customers are looking…ONLINE!

Get free advertising and brand recognition. Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook will show your ad for free on the keywords where you want to show up! It only costs you money if someone clicks on your ad (that’s why they call it pay-per-click). Our Pay-Per-Click Management service includes:

  • Bidding on each keyword individually – each penny counts!
  • Monitoring campaign performance and making frequent adjustments to ensure top quality.
  • Writing creative ads that match the keywords being searched.
  • Directing the potential client to the page of your site that is most relevant to the keyword being searched.

Talk about qualified visitors to your website! If you sell widgets, and someone Google’s the word “widget”, there is a very good chance they are planning to purchase a widget. That is where your site needs to be…right? If you use the services of OmniAFX, we will guarantee that your site will be there on the first page when they go looking to purchase a widget. Fill out the form below and let us prove to you that we can help you get on the first page on Google and other search engines!

We can also help you track success of your ads and sales. OmniAFX sets up and provides access to Google Analytics and AdWords reporting. We know that as a business owner, you need to be able to track the return on investment because thebottom line matters. With our reports we can tell you:

  • Google AnalyticsHow many times your ads show up on each keyword
  • How many clicks you get for each keyword
  • The average cost per click
  • The average position your ads show up on the search results page
  • What pages of your site people visit
  • The amount of time visitors stay on your site
  • How many paid clicks it takes to get a sale or generate a lead
  • Geographic location of visitors
  • Total costs
  • Total revenue
  • And the list can go on and on!

For a free estimate and SEO consultation contact us or simply fill out our form and we will get back to you within 24 business hours.

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