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Hi-Tech HaltersOnce a new website is live, the project has not ended, but rather the needs of the site have changed. Keeping your new site fresh, accurate, and working well will maintain your company’s strong online presence while increasing visitors and activity.

Website maintenance is key to the ongoing success of your website. Internet trends and technologies are constantly evolving and your business is growing. Our website maintenance packages ensure your site evolves with the changing demands.

Even if we have not created your website we are happy to help you keep it updated. We can get our way around most websites designed by other web development companies.

"OmniAFX has done web development for us on other projects and we’ve been very pleased with their work. One of our sites, www.HiTechHalters.com – had been created by a different web designer, but because of our confidence in the abilities of OmniAFX, we have asked OmniAFX to take over the maintenance and updates of this site. They’ve been very helpful in making changes and updates even though they weren’t the original creators of the site. I’ve been very pleased with their help and quick response."
Craig L. | Hi-Tech Halters | www.hitechhalters.com

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